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Power Boating skills

Promotional support

Self-declaration action plan: How to proceed

Step 3: Declare & Promote your Course

When you know an entry-level recreational boating skills course delivered on the water complies with the relevant American National Standards, make a self-declaration and promote it to current and potential customers.

Actions to take

​Download and complete the NOWS Self-declaration Action Plan. This document identifies steps to take, and resources that might help, to declare an on-water powerboat, human-propelled, or sailing entry-level course complies with the NOWS American National Standards.


​NOWS Self-declaration Action Plan


Download and display the NOWS Logo. This document provides instructions for downloading and using the NOWS Logo to support marketing a course that complies with the NOWS American National Standards.

​Instructions for Marketing with NOWS

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Powerboat Instruction: Service

National On-Water Standards - NOWS

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